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5'x10' Unit

This size yields 50 square feet of space. It’s ideal for storing that extra chair, bicycle, snow blower, lawn mower, motorcycle, along with a few boxes.

10'x10' Unit

Need space for your small apartment. At 100 square foot unit should idea for all your items.

10'x15' Unit

With 150 square feet of space, this larger unit can typically store the contents of 2 bedrooms apartment. Along with a couple of appliances.

10'x20' Unit

Ideal for a Larger 2-3-bedroom home, including, washer, dryers, and refrigerator. Can also be used for a mid-size car.

10'x25' Unit

Store all the furnishings of a 2-3-bedroom home including appliances, and all your lawn mowing, and garden tools, Perfect size for a fishing boat and trailer

10'x30' Unit

This unit has 300 square feet of space, ideal for a 3-4-bedroom house, easily storing your furniture, appliances, beds, boxes, lawn and garden tools, along with all that stuff in your garage, and basement. Or store a car and still have room for lots more.

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